They began working together under the name The Brimstone Sluggers.

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Their debut album gave them lots of fame and money however, their 2002 follow-up album, Darkhorse was a commercial failure by comparison, and the band broke up shortly after its release.

Edit In 2000, they were signed to tour with Ozzfest.

Because of the inspiration from his father, Seth also got inclined to this field.

He met his band member, Bret Mazur, in 1992 and decided to form a band. They later changed the name of band as “Crazy Town” in 1999.

They have achieved many awards as well from their albums and the songs. Lately, they are initiating to release their third album. He made Ashiko Westquard his second wife, who is Canadian actress as well as a model.

Their debut album was “The Gift of Game”, which was sold more than 1.5 million copies. Besides his songs from the band, Seth’s solo career has also solo career. He got married to Melissa Clark in 2002 but their relationship has ended up in divorce. Then, Jasmine Lennard became his girlfriend and started dating after his divorce. Because of his addiction to drugs, he has come in the news time and again.Though he is from different ethnicity, his songs have made effects to many people.He has always included his family to thank for making him what he is now.This extra marital affair is also the one reason which leads Melissa Clark to file a divorced case with him.Edit After spending lots of time in his solo career, in 2010, Binzer fronted the group, Shifty and The Big Shots.He wants to contribute in this field till he was dead.